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How to Gamble Safely on the Internet

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Online gambling has become a popular form of entertainment for such people. They can participate in their favorite gambling activities while on the go with a mobile version. At the same time, it’s critical to play safely and protect the funds used for this activity.

You can choose from a variety of online casinos and sports betting sites. The person who wishes to participate in this form of entertainment is responsible for conducting sufficient research to ensure that the platform they will be using is reliable and trustworthy.

Play at Trusted Casinos

There are numerous online casinos from which to choose. Individuals must do their homework to ensure that they join a legitimate and reputable organization. They can check this by looking for the governing body that issues the casino’s online gaming licenses.

The use of third-party payment gateways is another factor to consider. Funding an online casino account can be done in various ways, but using third-party payment gateways is the safest option. In this manner, the casino receives funds from the payment gateway, and the depositor is not required to provide any financial information.

It’s crucial for keeping things safe.

Playing at a secure site is important for online gambling safety. The website provides useful information about those who participate, and they must use the highest level of SSL encryption.

Many online casinos offer several different ways to interact with their services. The vast majority now provides an in-browser mode for playing games. This is an excellent method for gamers to access games because they do not have to download software that may contain viruses.


Some players may be tempted to give their casino accounts to relatives or friends. This is something casinos don’t tolerate, and it’s also a bad habit. Players must keep their login information safe and change their passwords regularly to avoid their accounts being hacked.

Players must provide certain detailed information when they first register with a casino. They’ll also have to show proof. The data provided must be accurate. This is the information used by the casino to process and payout withdrawals. If the money is incorrect, the player will not be able to collect it.

Poker Sites That Pay Real Money

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It’s possible to find various real money poker games at various online poker sites. To begin with, poker is a game in which each player has a different strategy. You’re a varied poker player who enjoys a wide range of stakes and variations and a wide range of aesthetics and features. As a result, no single website can be considered the best for everyone. We adhere to specific criteria when ranking real money online poker sites to accommodate a wide range of players.

Graphics and Computer Programs

First and foremost, we examine the poker room’s software. Visual effects aren’t as important to us as they used to be. Remember, you’re not playing a video game here; you’re playing poker. We appreciate poker room software that makes it simple and enjoyable to play.

Real-money poker software must have these features for us to be satisfied:

  • A user-friendly graphical user interface.
  • Customizable in a snap (color scheme, hotkeys, and betting amounts).
  • Android and iPhone users can download a real money poker app.
  • It’s easy to find all the available games.
  • The poker tables are set up straightforwardly.
  • Is there a desktop poker client available that can be downloaded from the site?

Involved Individuals

The number of players actively participating in real money poker games on the site is the next most important factor for us. The more, the merrier is the guiding principle of our ranking system.

At a cash game table, the more players we have available, the greater the variety of limits and variants that can be played. You’ll find more weak players and more types at the tables if you have a larger player pool.

A tournament’s total number of participants significantly impacts our ranking system. PokerStars and GGPoker, for example, have games with thousands of participants every day. In contrast, smaller poker sites like Full Tilt Poker have tournaments with just a few dozen real money players. As a result, small sites with smaller games have an advantage over larger ones, as it is easier to win tournaments, and there are more chances of overlays.

Low-Intensity Rivalry

The caliber of your opponents is a critical consideration when playing in an online poker room. The easier it is for you to profit from a site’s weaker users.

Compared to poker rooms where 8 out of 9 players make a living playing professional online poker, we give higher ratings to those that cater mostly to recreational players, with only a few exceptions.

Bonuses for New Customers

Almost every real money poker room makes an effort to entice new players with various poker bonuses. A closer examination of these cash incentives is warranted. There are times when big numbers are not what they appear to be.

We’ve done the legwork for you by compiling a list of all the major online poker rooms’ welcome bonuses and comparing them side by side. When it comes to first-deposit bonuses, there are huge variations, so it’s beneficial to compare poker rooms.

Deposit bonuses should be chosen based on their value to you. There is a 10% deposit bonus up to $5,000 that sounds great, but you’ll have to deposit $50,000 first before you can even begin to clear the bonus. In contrast, a premium of 200 percent, even if the maximum amount is only $500, is an excellent incentive. You only need to deposit $250 to get the entire bonus here.

In addition, we consider the redemption rate when writing our evaluations. This rate determines the rate at which you must play to collect the bonus. The less you have to wager, the more money you get to keep. Make sure you read the fine print to know when your bonus expires before you sign up for an account.

There are a plethora of extras to choose from. The most common bonus is a match on your first deposit, but some operators also offer free bonuses or freeroll tickets as part of their welcome package.

Without chips, you can play poker.

Having insufficient chips should not prevent you from participating in a card game. If you want to host a live poker game but don’t have access to traditional poker chips, many options are available.

Poker chips can almost always be replaced by something as simple as a deck of cards. Here are some alternatives to poker chips that you may want to consider:

Without chips, you can play poker!

Any small countable object can be used as a substitute for poker chips. Among the best alternatives to poker chips are the following:

Play money is a great alternative to poker chips, whether from Monopoly or another board game. Because play money already has the denominations printed on it, it’s the best option for keeping track of pots.

Pieces of a board game Scrabble tiles can be used as poker currency if Monopoly is your preferred board game. There is no problem with using components from other board games. Various board game pieces can be given monetary values, or each piece can be treated as a single unit.

Poker chips can be replaced with dried, small pieces of food, just like in board games. Poker currency can be made from dried beans, corn, or seeds that are large enough. It’s a bad idea to play poker with candy-like M&Ms, Skittles, cookies, or potato chips. Players’ hands can become greasy or sticky after using these food items for a long period.

When it comes to using office supplies as poker chips, paper clips are probably your best bet. If a spontaneous poker game breaks out at work, office supplies can come in handy. Rubber bands, post-it notes, and tacks are more common office supplies.

For a substitute for poker chips, spare change may seem like the obvious choice. If you have a lot of spare change lying around, this is a great option.

Short-handed players should not call 3-bets.

Deep stack 3-bets can be profitable for suitably connected players, but their value drops dramatically as their effective stack size decreases to around 50 blinds.

This is because their previously high implied odds have decreased. As a result, you’ll have to pay a lot more to see a flop than you would to win. Observe how much the two differ:

When you’re 100bb deep, your best chance of winning 100bb is when you call 5–6.5bb. You stand a 16–20 fold chance of winning depending on the preflop bet.

At 50bb, you typically have to call 5–6.5bb (still) to have a chance of winning the entire pot. This means that you have a 7.5%–10% chance of making a profit.

The reduced fold equity postflop due to more hands being committed to the pot is the final nail in the coffin for suited connectors at this stack depth.

The Top 7 Mistakes Players Make in Jackpot Games

post5 feat - The Top 7 Mistakes Players Make in Jackpot Games

Have you ever wondered what are the main game errors gamblers make when playing slots? What makes them lose money or not getting any substantial payout? Are you in this situation?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 most common errors.

Not reading the help files

Because of the fact that playing online slot machines is fairly simple, most players don’t even bother reading the rules of the game. It commonly leads to misunderstandings about the jackpots and bonus features.

Reading the help file will help you figure out how to form more winning combinations and get the jackpot, as well as how to access the bonus rounds.

Not understanding the terms and conditions of the bonuses

post5 1 - The Top 7 Mistakes Players Make in Jackpot Games
The vast majority of the gamblers doesn’t look at the terms and conditions before depositing. By doing so, they are not taking advantage of the welcome bonuses to new players. Each bonus comes with a particular wagering requirement. Make sure if the sign-up bonus is cashable.


post5 3 - The Top 7 Mistakes Players Make in Jackpot Games
Being a pro gambler doesn’t mean always continuing playing to hit a new jackpot. Every seasoned player knows when to quit. After getting a jackpot, it’s time to step aside and quit playing for a while. Be realistic. To maximize your rewards, you can’t let emotion drive you. You must be rational and strategic.

Not researching the RTP (return to player)

The return to player is the percentage of each wager a gambler can expect in the long run. This is not calculated per individual person, but for all the people who play the game. You can know beforehand if a slot offers a good winning opportunity, but many players fail to research that info. Choose games with RTPs higher than 95%. Remember that this estimative is only expected after a great number of rounds.

Playing participation slots

In participation slots, the manufacturer gets a portion of the win from the machine. Experts say they only pay 85% of your money back. The names of these slots are usually branded to titles of movies or TV shows, like Wheel of Fortune. The casinos have to pay extra money to the given production and that cost is basically payed by the players.

Only playing progressive jackpots

It is definitely a temptation to always play the games that come with the biggest potential jackpot payouts. But you must keep your perspective focused. Remember that the big jackpot you are after comes from a money pool players are feeding, and that includes you. You should not quit playing the smaller jackpots. But if you insist on not playing progressive jackpots and opt for something more fast paced then Bonanza has a strong variety in different results.

Not having a bankroll management plan

post5 7 - The Top 7 Mistakes Players Make in Jackpot Games
Managing the bankroll appropriately is crucial. You should never ignore the fact that you must come up with the plan before starting playing the jackpot games. Otherwise, you better believe that your money will quickly vanish. Your budget doesn’t have to be complicated. You can divide your bankroll by the number of days you want to play and never surpass the daily amount.

One suggestion is: whenever you win, put your original money aside and continue playing with the reward you just won, or do it vice-versa. The point is that you should save either your original cash or the money from the jackpot.

We believe that viewing jackpot games primarily as a form of entertainment rather than a quick way of becoming rich will save you from many disappointments.

How the Progressive Jackpot Games Were Developed

post6 feat - How the Progressive Jackpot Games Were Developed

The most popular type of casino games is the progressive jackpot. We will teach you how these games were developed, how they have evolved over time and how they work.

History and development

Progressive jackpots were introduced in casinos in the 1980s. The new game featured multiple slot machines linked across a network. Each slot would contribute 10% of its cash to the money pool.

As lots of gamblers in each of the over 60 machines were contributing to one single pool, the jackpots became huge and draw a lot of attention. The first online slots in the 1990s also started offering progressive jackpots. And it quickly became obvious that the digital world was the perfect landscape for progressive jackpots. One pool could be fed 24/7 by thousands of players across thousands of slots without any physical limitations of the real world.

From 2006 onwards, online progressive slots have been offering jackpots of seven digits. It obviously became the most popular way of playing slot machines.


game casino 227586 1280 1 - How the Progressive Jackpot Games Were Developed

You don’t have to learn any additional complicated stuff to play progressive machines. The tech, the game-play and the design are the same as in the traditional slots. Naturally, gamblers would gravitate towards the progressive jackpots. People see the huge pool as a life-changing opportunity.

Also, playing these slots is not at all mentally demanding, unlike other casino games like poker or blackjack. And yet, they represent the biggest chance of winning a load of cash, either at an online or offline casino.

Progressive jackpots today

post6 3 - How the Progressive Jackpot Games Were Developed
Nowadays, companies that develop mobile games are incorporating new types of progressive jackpots in their software. Also, online casinos are coming up with new, more niche concepts for their slots or other games that offer progressive jackpots.

Now that you’ve went through the history, the development, the game-play and the future of online progressive jackpots, you need to think if it’s a chance you see yourself taking in the world of casino games.

The Rules for Playing Jackpot

post4 feat - The Rules for Playing Jackpot

We will teach you the rules for playing the card game jackpot. These rules are adjusted for playing for money and with 2 to 5 players.

Dropped card value

post4 1 - The Rules for Playing Jackpot
To start off, the participants must agree on the dropped card value. It tells each player what a discarded card is worth. When the value is agreed on, shuffle the deck and deal 5 cards to every player.

Dropping the cards

Decide which cards you are going to keep and which ones you are going to discard. The dealer will go around and ask participants whether they are dropping cards. You may drop a maximum of three cards.

The dealer will put them in a pile and you must put your total dropped card value on the center of the table. Then, you will receive the number of cards you traded in from the dealer. You can drop cards up to three times. The more cards are traded, the more the jackpot is worth. You need to be strategic with your money.

Flipping the cards

post4 3 - The Rules for Playing Jackpot
When everyone is finished, the dealer calls “flip”. The players must flip their cards for everyone to see. The person with the highest hand is the winner of the jackpot.

The hands are as follows, from highest to lowest:

Royal family – A king, queen, jack, ace and 10 in the same suit

Royal kingdom – four kings, queens or jacks and an ace in the same suit

Aced – four aces and one any other card

Follow-up – five cards in order and in the same suit

Strait – five cards in the same suit

Four of a kind – four cards of the same number

Hat trick – three cards of the same number

Multiple doubles – two pairs of cards

Trio – three cards in the same suit

Doubles – one pair of cards

In case of a draw in highest hands, each player removes a card from the deck and the higher one wins.

How to Play 2 of the Best RPG Jackpot Games

post3 feat - How to Play 2 of the Best RPG Jackpot Games

In the rich digital landscape of our time, more and more software development companies are coming up with unique games that integrate elements of role playing with those of the casino jackpot slots. Sounds like an exciting concept, right? Two of those games are Slot Revolution and Scatter Slots. We will guide you through each of these two games. You will learn about the overall concept, the game-play, the best features and some of the most unique selling points.

Slot Revolution

post3 1 - How to Play 2 of the Best RPG Jackpot Games
Slot Revolution is a free slot machine-based role-playing game set in a dungeon. It is available for iOS, Android and Kindle. Slot Revolution does a great job at producing in the player the feeling of gambling at a casino, with all the odds against them but a constant urge to keep playing and hit the jackpot. It does so by reenacting the reels, the spins, the flashes and the noises of an actual slot machine.

You pick a character and a quest to head off to a dungeon. Each step in the game requires a slot machine spin. The results of the spin determine the consequences of the move. You acquire coins, healing and other elements with these spins.

When the face of an enemy shows up in a reel, you’ll have to battle them. And the spins will also determine your weapons and attacks. Just like in any jackpot game, this role-playing game is almost entirely up to luck. As you level up, your weapons improve and you get to be allies with other online players.

As a real-life slot, this game often entices you to buy stuff with your actual money. You can play without spending a penny but you won’t access certain features as quickly.

Scatter Slots

The way Scatter Slots merges role-playing elements with the foundations of a casino jackpot game makes for one of the most unique gambling apps on iOS or Android. The player embarks on a journey full of challenges. They will meet wizards, warriors, titans, vampires and genies. As you go along the adventure, you will have to complete missions and bonus rounds.

The hand drawn visuals are incredibly stunning and one-of-a-kind. They enhance the overall visual experience of Scatter Slots. Combined with the awesome soundtrack, it creates a mystical and unique gaming atmosphere.

You can select through a wide range of playing modes. Each of the modes is filled with exclusive features. The spins, bonus games and progressive jackpots are also different. This allows for a gambling experience that doesn’t get tiring or repetitive.

Besides all this, Scatter Slots also offers challenges that are time-bound. These include hourly slots, daily challenges, or special events related to different holiday seasons. To maximize your rewards, you can even play along with friends. One of the biggest advantages of Scatter Slots is that it allows for online or offline play. So, you can play anywhere and anytime without having to be connected to the internet.

These two mobile games and others of their kind are a great option for those who are still reticent about the actual casino games. With Slot Revolution and Scatter Slots you get to be familiar with elements of jackpot gambling but don’t have to spend wagering money unless you want to.

A Demonstration with the Steps to Play an Online Jackpot Game

post2 feat - A Demonstration with the Steps to Play an Online Jackpot Game

We at Mundo Maker want to teach you how to play specific online jackpot games and go through the steps with you. We will start by demonstrating a very simple one, Jackpot Bells from the website Casino Las Vegas.

A great thing about the site is that the numerous games available offer demos for you to play before having to place your money. It is divided between jackpot, slots, cards and roulette games.

Jackpot Bells

post2 1 - A Demonstration with the Steps to Play an Online Jackpot Game
Jackpot Bells puts together the simplicity of a traditional slot machine and the chance to win huge payouts. You will get help to form winning combinations and maybe even win big progressive jackpots. Jackpot Bells consists of five reels and five pay lines. The design of the game is based on the classic slot machines with symbols of fruits.

The wilds

bell 37634 640 300x291 - A Demonstration with the Steps to Play an Online Jackpot Game

In Jackpot Bells, the wild is the symbol with a golden bell. It can substitute for all the other symbols in order to help you produce winning combinations. When it lands on a reel, the golden bell will expand and fill all the other positions. As a potential result, it can lead you to achieve really big winnings.

The bonus features

favorite 153144 640 294x300 - A Demonstration with the Steps to Play an Online Jackpot Game

Because Jackpot Bells wants to keep in theme with the traditional jackpot slot machine across all elements of the game, it does not have additional bonus features. Besides, of course, the expanding golden bell symbol that is in itself a bonus.

Also, the slot in Jackpot Bells is connected to a net of machines and, therefore, to the money pool of a progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot can be won through the wild symbol, the golden bell. If you get the golden bell on all five reels at the same time, the huge progressive jackpot is yours.

The jackpot

jackpot 42993 640 300x300 - A Demonstration with the Steps to Play an Online Jackpot Game

Besides the progressive jackpot you may be able to reach, Jackpot Bells also offers fixed payouts. If you get lucky red 7’s on all five reels you will win 1,500x. Do the same with the melons and you’ll get a payout of up to 250x. The grapes can get up to 100x and the plums up to 60x. With all five reels of oranges, lemons or cherries, you can get a winning of up to 50x, 40x and 30x, respectively.

Start simple and climb your way up to becoming a pro at online jackpot games.

What You Need to Know About Jackpot Games

post1 feat - What You Need to Know About Jackpot Games

The online gambling and betting worlds have practically endless opportunities that allow you to earn some very welcome extra income. From sports betting to a varied selection of games and promotions, online casino websites are getting more and more user-friendly and refined.

However, there is arguably no other online gambling opportunity quite like the jackpot. That’s the ultimate experience gamblers want to have, whether online or offline. Specifically, in the digital realm, jackpots are now getting bigger and bigger.

Jackpot games are still viewed as unnecessarily risky, though, even by many gamblers. The one most frequently asked question about jackpot games remains: what are they, actually? Worry not. We will guide you through a simple explanation of how jackpots work.

What is the jackpot?

post1 1 - What You Need to Know About Jackpot Games
A jackpot is a money pool that can be won at a given game. Back in the day when all casinos were offline, major jackpots used to reach amounts of $10,000 or $20,000. Now, with the proliferation of online casinos, jackpots commonly get to 6 figures or even more.

Types of jackpot games

post1 2 - What You Need to Know About Jackpot GamesThere are lots of different types of jackpot games. A pooled jackpot game, for instance, can be played by a network of multiple online casinos. Every time a gambler places a bet on whichever casino, a percentage of their bet goes to the money pool. As many casinos are involved, many players are participating as well. That translates in a money pool growing constantly and quickly.

A local jackpot game is available across various casinos, just like the pooled game. The difference, however, is that the money pool for a local jackpot game is only enlarged by the players laying bets in that particular casino. In this case, the logic is reversed. As less bettors are contributing to the pool, the money prize will be substantially smaller.

An important thing to add is that the vast majority of jackpot games are progressive jackpots. What that means is that, should no one win the pool, it keeps on growing.

Now you have the basic answers to two of the most asked questions about these games: what is the jackpot and what are the types?