How to Play 2 of the Best RPG Jackpot Games

post3 feat - How to Play 2 of the Best RPG Jackpot Games

In the rich digital landscape of our time, more and more software development companies are coming up with unique games that integrate elements of role playing with those of the casino jackpot slots. Sounds like an exciting concept, right? Two of those games are Slot Revolution and Scatter Slots. We will guide you through each of these two games. You will learn about the overall concept, the game-play, the best features and some of the most unique selling points.

Slot Revolution

post3 1 - How to Play 2 of the Best RPG Jackpot Games
Slot Revolution is a free slot machine-based role-playing game set in a dungeon. It is available for iOS, Android and Kindle. Slot Revolution does a great job at producing in the player the feeling of gambling at a casino, with all the odds against them but a constant urge to keep playing and hit the jackpot. It does so by reenacting the reels, the spins, the flashes and the noises of an actual slot machine.

You pick a character and a quest to head off to a dungeon. Each step in the game requires a slot machine spin. The results of the spin determine the consequences of the move. You acquire coins, healing and other elements with these spins.

When the face of an enemy shows up in a reel, you’ll have to battle them. And the spins will also determine your weapons and attacks. Just like in any jackpot game, this role-playing game is almost entirely up to luck. As you level up, your weapons improve and you get to be allies with other online players.

As a real-life slot, this game often entices you to buy stuff with your actual money. You can play without spending a penny but you won’t access certain features as quickly.

Scatter Slots

The way Scatter Slots merges role-playing elements with the foundations of a casino jackpot game makes for one of the most unique gambling apps on iOS or Android. The player embarks on a journey full of challenges. They will meet wizards, warriors, titans, vampires and genies. As you go along the adventure, you will have to complete missions and bonus rounds.

The hand drawn visuals are incredibly stunning and one-of-a-kind. They enhance the overall visual experience of Scatter Slots. Combined with the awesome soundtrack, it creates a mystical and unique gaming atmosphere.

You can select through a wide range of playing modes. Each of the modes is filled with exclusive features. The spins, bonus games and progressive jackpots are also different. This allows for a gambling experience that doesn’t get tiring or repetitive.

Besides all this, Scatter Slots also offers challenges that are time-bound. These include hourly slots, daily challenges, or special events related to different holiday seasons. To maximize your rewards, you can even play along with friends. One of the biggest advantages of Scatter Slots is that it allows for online or offline play. So, you can play anywhere and anytime without having to be connected to the internet.

These two mobile games and others of their kind are a great option for those who are still reticent about the actual casino games. With Slot Revolution and Scatter Slots you get to be familiar with elements of jackpot gambling but don’t have to spend wagering money unless you want to.

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