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Mundo Maker is a blog that was planned and designed during the second half of 2018 and brought to the online world in the beginning of 2019.

The team that came up with the concept for Mundo Maker consists of gamblers who already have some years of experience playing jackpot games, whether it is in real-life casinos, online venues or even mobile software.

We wanted to create a website filled with the most varied themes in the realm of jackpot games, from the card game to mobile RPG apps and the best online slots. To put it simply, we wanted to provide every jackpot games enthusiast with the best tips, tricks and insights so they can achieve their ultimate goal: hitting the jackpot!

Now we have a team of writers that is regularly growing in order to give you the most complete, easy-to-understand, relevant and updated content on the vast online and offline landscape of jackpot games.

Here we have an overview of some of the top pieces of content we plan on delivering in the short term.

The essentials on jackpot games

Maybe you are wondering: What exactly are jackpot games? What are the main types? How does it work and how do I hit the huge payout? This article has you covered.

A demo

We take one specific online jackpot game and guide you through all the important info and the steps to play it. Then, go online and play your own demo.

RPG jackpot games

Nowadays, more and more games combine elements of role playing with the casino rush of the slot machines. We will bring you the best and most unique games of this kind.

Jackpot, the card game

Knowing all the rules to play the card game jackpot will let you have a fun and intense game night with your friends.

Player mistakes

Learn about the mistakes gamblers most commonly make in jackpot games and start avoiding them from day one.

Progressive jackpots

This is the kind of jackpot everyone is after. But what is it and how has it developed over time? We’ll cover this and more about the progressive slots.

Stick with us and hit the jackpot!