Our blog Mundo Maker only got to become a reality thanks to the effort, the creativity and the team spirit of our crew that has been working with us from day one and is now growing more and more.

Mundo Maker has our readers in mind every step of the way. Not only are we always thinking about producing the best content for our visitors, we also want their vision to be reflected in our blog. That is why we are calling our net of loyal users and jackpot gambling aficionados to contribute to Mundo Maker. The two best ways you can do so are by writing for us and sending suggestions.

Write for us

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If you know your way around the most varied types of jackpot games and also write better than the average guy, contact Mundo Maker to be a part of our permanent writing staff. You will go through some steps and once you reach the final stage, you’ll get to produce the content you envision for the blog.

Send suggestions

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If you’re not really into writing or simply don’t have the time to contribute regularly, just send in your suggestions. You can contact us anytime to ask the questions you would like to see clarified in our articles, recommend new themes you would love to see us tacking into or simply suggest specific posts you think we should produce.

Talk to us today and become an active part in filling our blog with the content you want.