The Top 7 Mistakes Players Make in Jackpot Games

post5 feat - The Top 7 Mistakes Players Make in Jackpot Games

Have you ever wondered what are the main game errors gamblers make when playing slots? What makes them lose money or not getting any substantial payout? Are you in this situation?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 most common errors.

Not reading the help files

Because of the fact that playing online slot machines is fairly simple, most players don’t even bother reading the rules of the game. It commonly leads to misunderstandings about the jackpots and bonus features.

Reading the help file will help you figure out how to form more winning combinations and get the jackpot, as well as how to access the bonus rounds.

Not understanding the terms and conditions of the bonuses

post5 1 - The Top 7 Mistakes Players Make in Jackpot Games
The vast majority of the gamblers doesn’t look at the terms and conditions before depositing. By doing so, they are not taking advantage of the welcome bonuses to new players. Each bonus comes with a particular wagering requirement. Make sure if the sign-up bonus is cashable.


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Being a pro gambler doesn’t mean always continuing playing to hit a new jackpot. Every seasoned player knows when to quit. After getting a jackpot, it’s time to step aside and quit playing for a while. Be realistic. To maximize your rewards, you can’t let emotion drive you. You must be rational and strategic.

Not researching the RTP (return to player)

The return to player is the percentage of each wager a gambler can expect in the long run. This is not calculated per individual person, but for all the people who play the game. You can know beforehand if a slot offers a good winning opportunity, but many players fail to research that info. Choose games with RTPs higher than 95%. Remember that this estimative is only expected after a great number of rounds.

Playing participation slots

In participation slots, the manufacturer gets a portion of the win from the machine. Experts say they only pay 85% of your money back. The names of these slots are usually branded to titles of movies or TV shows, like Wheel of Fortune. The casinos have to pay extra money to the given production and that cost is basically payed by the players.

Only playing progressive jackpots

It is definitely a temptation to always play the games that come with the biggest potential jackpot payouts. But you must keep your perspective focused. Remember that the big jackpot you are after comes from a money pool players are feeding, and that includes you. You should not quit playing the smaller jackpots. But if you insist on not playing progressive jackpots and opt for something more fast paced then Bonanza has a strong variety in different results.

Not having a bankroll management plan

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Managing the bankroll appropriately is crucial. You should never ignore the fact that you must come up with the plan before starting playing the jackpot games. Otherwise, you better believe that your money will quickly vanish. Your budget doesn’t have to be complicated. You can divide your bankroll by the number of days you want to play and never surpass the daily amount.

One suggestion is: whenever you win, put your original money aside and continue playing with the reward you just won, or do it vice-versa. The point is that you should save either your original cash or the money from the jackpot.

We believe that viewing jackpot games primarily as a form of entertainment rather than a quick way of becoming rich will save you from many disappointments.

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