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A Demonstration with the Steps to Play an Online Jackpot Game

post2 feat - A Demonstration with the Steps to Play an Online Jackpot Game

We at Mundo Maker want to teach you how to play specific online jackpot games and go through the steps with you. We will start by demonstrating a very simple one, Jackpot Bells from the website Casino Las Vegas.

A great thing about the site is that the numerous games available offer demos for you to play before having to place your money. It is divided between jackpot, slots, cards and roulette games.

Jackpot Bells

post2 1 - A Demonstration with the Steps to Play an Online Jackpot Game
Jackpot Bells puts together the simplicity of a traditional slot machine and the chance to win huge payouts. You will get help to form winning combinations and maybe even win big progressive jackpots. Jackpot Bells consists of five reels and five pay lines. The design of the game is based on the classic slot machines with symbols of fruits.

The wilds

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In Jackpot Bells, the wild is the symbol with a golden bell. It can substitute for all the other symbols in order to help you produce winning combinations. When it lands on a reel, the golden bell will expand and fill all the other positions. As a potential result, it can lead you to achieve really big winnings.

The bonus features

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Because Jackpot Bells wants to keep in theme with the traditional jackpot slot machine across all elements of the game, it does not have additional bonus features. Besides, of course, the expanding golden bell symbol that is in itself a bonus.

Also, the slot in Jackpot Bells is connected to a net of machines and, therefore, to the money pool of a progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot can be won through the wild symbol, the golden bell. If you get the golden bell on all five reels at the same time, the huge progressive jackpot is yours.

The jackpot

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Besides the progressive jackpot you may be able to reach, Jackpot Bells also offers fixed payouts. If you get lucky red 7’s on all five reels you will win 1,500x. Do the same with the melons and you’ll get a payout of up to 250x. The grapes can get up to 100x and the plums up to 60x. With all five reels of oranges, lemons or cherries, you can get a winning of up to 50x, 40x and 30x, respectively.

Start simple and climb your way up to becoming a pro at online jackpot games.

What You Need to Know About Jackpot Games

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The online gambling and betting worlds have practically endless opportunities that allow you to earn some very welcome extra income. From sports betting to a varied selection of games and promotions, online casino websites are getting more and more user-friendly and refined.

However, there is arguably no other online gambling opportunity quite like the jackpot. That’s the ultimate experience gamblers want to have, whether online or offline. Specifically, in the digital realm, jackpots are now getting bigger and bigger.

Jackpot games are still viewed as unnecessarily risky, though, even by many gamblers. The one most frequently asked question about jackpot games remains: what are they, actually? Worry not. We will guide you through a simple explanation of how jackpots work.

What is the jackpot?

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A jackpot is a money pool that can be won at a given game. Back in the day when all casinos were offline, major jackpots used to reach amounts of $10,000 or $20,000. Now, with the proliferation of online casinos, jackpots commonly get to 6 figures or even more.

Types of jackpot games

post1 2 - What You Need to Know About Jackpot GamesThere are lots of different types of jackpot games. A pooled jackpot game, for instance, can be played by a network of multiple online casinos. Every time a gambler places a bet on whichever casino, a percentage of their bet goes to the money pool. As many casinos are involved, many players are participating as well. That translates in a money pool growing constantly and quickly.

A local jackpot game is available across various casinos, just like the pooled game. The difference, however, is that the money pool for a local jackpot game is only enlarged by the players laying bets in that particular casino. In this case, the logic is reversed. As less bettors are contributing to the pool, the money prize will be substantially smaller.

An important thing to add is that the vast majority of jackpot games are progressive jackpots. What that means is that, should no one win the pool, it keeps on growing.

Now you have the basic answers to two of the most asked questions about these games: what is the jackpot and what are the types?