How the Progressive Jackpot Games Were Developed

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The most popular type of casino games is the progressive jackpot. We will teach you how these games were developed, how they have evolved over time and how they work.

History and development

Progressive jackpots were introduced in casinos in the 1980s. The new game featured multiple slot machines linked across a network. Each slot would contribute 10% of its cash to the money pool.

As lots of gamblers in each of the over 60 machines were contributing to one single pool, the jackpots became huge and draw a lot of attention. The first online slots in the 1990s also started offering progressive jackpots. And it quickly became obvious that the digital world was the perfect landscape for progressive jackpots. One pool could be fed 24/7 by thousands of players across thousands of slots without any physical limitations of the real world.

From 2006 onwards, online progressive slots have been offering jackpots of seven digits. It obviously became the most popular way of playing slot machines.


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You don’t have to learn any additional complicated stuff to play progressive machines. The tech, the game-play and the design are the same as in the traditional slots. Naturally, gamblers would gravitate towards the progressive jackpots. People see the huge pool as a life-changing opportunity.

Also, playing these slots is not at all mentally demanding, unlike other casino games like poker or blackjack. And yet, they represent the biggest chance of winning a load of cash, either at an online or offline casino.

Progressive jackpots today

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Nowadays, companies that develop mobile games are incorporating new types of progressive jackpots in their software. Also, online casinos are coming up with new, more niche concepts for their slots or other games that offer progressive jackpots.

Now that you’ve went through the history, the development, the game-play and the future of online progressive jackpots, you need to think if it’s a chance you see yourself taking in the world of casino games.

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